If you are bored playing five card stud poker and wants to make some change to the game then you can play Lowball Poker surely. This game is similar to five-card stud poker except the fact that the winner should have lowest cards. This game is quite interesting and you can understand it without facing much difficulty. If you think that getting low cards would be an easy task then you need to think again. Getting small cards is equally difficult as getting high cards and thus you should try out this game with your family and friends.

Here are mentioned a series of steps that should be followed if you want to play Lowball Poker.

Firstly, you should collect players whom you want to play with. Make sure that everyone is sitting comfortably around the table. Keep a deck of playing cards handy before starting the game.

After laying down blinds, deal cards to each player considering their position. The dealer starts dealing card one by one till everyone gets five cards. Usually, the first set of cards dealt is the small blind, followed by the second set of cards dealt is the big blind.

After seeing if anyone likes or does not like the cards they are dealt with, you should open the betting. Start from one side of the table and let him (yourself) follow. Anyways, if not everyone leaves the table, you should deal the cards one by one till everyone gets five cards.

After looking at the cards at every players, you should take card two from the top and place it with the up card of yours without mistake. Now, till card number four (the MPO500 card) you should be having low cards. But if you have got two pairs at the moment, then you should have them only. Even if you have got two three and so forth, you should have only one four up card. Now, after seeing the last card, you should have a three of all the cards (but not necessarily together). If you have three, you should place it at the tail of the card. Now, you should have a poker hand.

You might ask what the advantage of a poker hand in a five-card game is. Well, the most important thing to be learned is the priority of cards in a game. The player who plays five-card poker bears the least importance in the game as it is the suit that decides the winner. However, it is important to learn the existence of poker hands in general, in order to understand the method of play of Lowball Poker.

First, you have to identify Low Hand. A Low Hand is the hand consisting of five cards of different suits. This is the only hand that counts in the game. The low hand goes in the list of not-to-hands. You will understand the Low Hand when you are familiar with the concept of 52 cards in a deck or how the Ace counts as the highest card in a sequence.

There are thirteen ranks and then there are Low Hand. The Ace can count as either a high or a low card in a particular sequence. The sequence of the Ace is: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King. So, the ace as the high card would be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.

Special Hands contain Anaconda and Re-raising. Anaconda is when a player has four cards of the same rank. Re-raise is when a player raises another player’s bet. If the second raise was for an amount equal to the initial amount of the bet, the third raise is the amount of the second raise. Four Anaconda is the highest hand. If you have an ace, two, three, four and five, and you have an ace, you have a hand of four-of-a-kind.

Low Hand is the set of cards in the table. Low Hand contains cards in the numbers 2 to 12. These cards do have significance in the game but it is for the lowest card (that is the 2-12) that a player can use. There are 12 cards of Low Hand. Ace is counted as low card. This helps the player to “bust” if another player rolls over a card of the same suit of the board. If a player has 12 cards of a particular rank, the chances of them rolling a card of that same suit are good. It increases the excitement of the game. “Deuce to Seven” is a type of game in which the player must roll a specific number, except the 7 is the most important card.