EuroMillions is a progressive jackpot lottery that was introduced on the outset of the European continent. Initially started in Italy, UK and France, the lottery then gained substantial popularity, as well as distinctions as the nickname of “The lumpen EuroMillions”. In the early years of E-Millions’ existence, tickets were sold for just a few of the few games available and the lottery was only ever talked about in the context of “bingo” as it was more commonly known.

By the early 1990’s the lottery had an impressive percentage of jackpings, that exceeded those of the UK National Lottery, and other forms of lotteries across the world. However, the advent of improved internet technology led to an incredible explosion in the popularity and advertising of bingo, as it was an excellent opportunity to both play and advertise a game. As a result of this, the lottery became a household past-time event and the E-Millions lottery was devised to address the worldwide need for a game of chance that Asked the question “What can I win if I match 4-out-of-7 numbers in an European lottery?” a typical E-Millions lottery query might be “How can I win a jackpot of £10,000 spread over the numbers 2-50?”

Lottery aficionados across the globe share a common desire to win, and as an incentive to participate in the Euro Millions, a reward is devised. Those who match the exact 5-out-of-7 numbers win a prize in the Euro Millions Lottery.

Advantages Of The E-Millions Lottery

As opposed to other lotteries that are offered, the E-Millions lottery can be claimed by those who live in the UK. This is because the UK is the only place in Europe where the E-Millions lottery is offered.

There is a benefit for players of the UK National Lottery as well. Because the UK National Lottery is the biggest lotteries in the world, players of this lotteries have the greatest chance of winning. reports that the odds of winning the jackpot in the Euro Millions lottery are over 175 million to 1. Players outside of the UK have even less of a chance.

How to Pick EuroMillions Numbers

In order to pick your Euro Millions lottery numbers, you can use an e-gorithm based system that can make number selections based on the history of past drawn numbers. Simple mathematics tells us that the result of the numbers drawn in the past will be repeated in the near future.

The easiest way to pick EuroMillions numbers is to use the methods valued at less than 1c per number. These methods are the “hot numbers”, or those that have been drawn least. Hot numbers can be discovered by looking at the history of previously drawn numbers. There are many ways of determining which numbers have been drawn least.

These methods can be applied to the Euro Millions lottery draw. Knowing about hot numbers will help you to choose your Euro Millions lottery numbers. By making a simple spreadsheet for recording the numbers that have been drawn, and the lottery number that has matched the drawn numbers, you can continue to apply the methods. By keeping a running tally of the numbers over a large number of draws, you can discover a simple pattern. Such a pattern will provide a hot number or area of the numbers most likely to be drawn in the Euro Millions lottery.

For example, if 10 out of 20 drawn numbers are within a field of 3 numbers, the “pokerrepublik” or the first number, you have a strong likelihood of choosing numbers within that “field”.

Records of previous drawn EuroMillions numbers are kept electronically on a large database. The numbers are then “hand counted” to give a more accurate count of the numbers. The process has been automated to constant accuracy. If the authenticity of the count is confirmed, the process is considered to be highly accurate.

Recent studies conducted by a reputable independent research firm Keyson Experian have shown that a first computerized successful count of the Euro lottery numbers was completed in the year 2001. The study calculated the coverage of the numbers drawn in each lottery on the basis of the numbers marked off by each lottery machine. It was verified against machine pack records.

Keyson Experian calculated the coverage by Each number drawn:

  • By traditional ball and machine pack methods share 80% of the lottery numbers;
  • By the “ball and machine pack” methods it splits the numbers into 2.5% of total draws.

It is generally recommended that players rely on the results of the Euro Millions lottery announced by E-Lottery as the sole source of information about the results of EuroMillions lottery. This gives players the opportunity to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets at a early stage.