The recent rage across every pocketer’s mind was wondering if online poker was legal than they thought they knew. Well, the answer to that question is yes. However, the kicker is not “I’m glad the lawyers got to everything” or “It’s less work for the lawyers.” The kicker is in a more profound sense of the word, because the lawyers know that what they are doing is assuming the law is there to protect everyone. They aren’t there to protect the players from themselves. recounting yet another famous poker quote

“They cannot do where you draw the line between honesty and cheating.” -Rounders (2000), Coreyitance

With the recent publicized cheating scandals enveloping the worlds biggest poker sites, we as poker players can certainly expect that the poker sites will be getting round after round of administrator care. It is surely going to be them, ‘caring’ enough toitanize their poker rooms and bring all their guts to the table or they will risk being likened in future to what the internet hasbreaker poker players.

The lawyers for the poker sites surely aren’t going to COMBINTE the Bass Pro Shops cheat, but surely, the attorney for the poker sites may make a strongly worded argument to the United States Government that it’s not fair that their clients gained the information from the underaged internet poker players. You can be sure that the poker sites will make a huge deal of money in court with the USG and lots of testimony as to what these young internet players were subjected to over the internet by the seasoned gamblers that used the Evidence Against Them.

There areSurvivor stories about poker players going to fight among themselves for the sole reason that they were cheated by a friend or a family member. Well, sure, share you’re experiences but isn’t it more realistic to accept what the National Council on Problem Gambling means when they say that sometimes “one person (a grown-up) out of the whole group is lying”?

Sometimes it has to get physical. It has to come to the courtrooms, the halls, the schools, the Promise Clubs, the substance abusers meetings, and eventually, it has to come to you. Maybe this is one of the main reasons that our politicians are so out of control. We can’t turn on the switch to control gambling, but we sure can make it illegal. It would probably be better if the politicians called a Press conference and turned the volume up higher to save their jobs.

I would like to say that I comfort myself by thinking that eventually Gambling Revolution will happen. It’s going to be popular, it’s going to be successful, and it’s going to be a bloodbath for the books. Still, it’s better late than never, I suppose. I’m in the business of ideas, and sometimes ideas lead to parables.

“I believe I am being called to a higher level of awareness. I am becoming aware of the power of the idea and I am developing a technique of learning that helps me to discover what is necessary to change behavior.” says somebody.

Motivate yourself to change old patterns and old thinking but knowing that you are aware of it and acting on it makes it easier and wiser.

I remember a very small handicap in the Dewabet. At the time I remember it was the only handicap given to a whole system of picking numbers. The numbers were chosen on bingo cards. You picked the numbers on your bingo card. I remember the excitement in my heart as I tabsbed the numbers on my card. I was rapidly going to win.

That was my first and only time at that level of excitement. I won a fifty dollar prize. I still remember the day Iclaimed it. I wasn’t going to win every time, but I was going to win often.

I’ve never done anything similar to that again. Not that I regret that momentary flash of inspiration, but I do regret not taking the time to find out how I could climb the ladder a little higher.

How would it feel to win your commute to work on a daily basis? How about the monthly, or even the year end kind of cash? It’s crazy to think about having a job that pays fifteen dollars per month, but there are!

There are thousands of people in places like America that have job, or a profession that pays a lot of money. They have found a system of making money that also doubles your vacation time, and gives you a lot more money for your hard work.

You can work hard, and play hard. I was never lucky enough to work for the man, so I mostly play now. I play mostly Texas Hold’em, because it is the easiest game to learn, and a lot of fun to boot. I try to play more tournaments now, because I love the gambling.