Pick 3 Lottery is so exciting to play. The winning probabilities are relatively higher than other lottery systems like Pick 4 Lottery, Pick 6 Lottery, etc. The Pick 3 Lottery as your name implies means that you have to pick three digits from the number 3 to the number 7. In order to be a successful better, you need to be a budding thinker or a proven method to beat the odds. As Pick 3 Lottery has relatively fewer numbers to choose from, it can be more easier to win this lottery system if you observe the following guidelines.

  1. Box your chosen digits with the same number or numbers. This means that your first three digits are the same as the one that has been drawn for you. A good example of this is to box the same number as in the famous numbers like 1-2-3 or 22-23-24. There are literally thousands of possible combinations from such numbers. So practically, you have thousands of different combinations at your hands to pick from.
  2. Do not use consecutive numbers. Do not use “for example” or “so” or “such”. Your numbers should really be random. Put a unique number on each pick. such as “0-1-2” or “000-1-2-3” or “202-1-2-3”. Remember, Do not use “orphans” or “folds” or “retracts”. All these numbers means no win.
  3. Do not use all even or all odd digits. This is the number one most commonly used in Pick 3 Lottery. There are only 120 combinations of this single Pick 3 number. That means, one out of every 3,600,000, would be drawn, would be a three number combination. You have the same odds or 1:120,000 of winning as a two number combination.
  4. Do not use “free pick” or “quick pick”. All these terms mean no win. The computer is not responsible for the selection of the winner.
  5. Do not play the same numbers in the same order. Meaning if you choose 3, 4, 5, 6, the chances are one of them will be drawn. Or, if you choose 3, 5, 4, 5, 6, two of the number will be drawn.
  6. Do not play “hot” numbers. Hot numbers are often drawn most frequently. They are called “hot” because the digit in them seems to be hot. But “hot” numbers do not guarantee their Turner. A number that is toocold or thetrend towardhot numbers cannot be relied on. The cold ones have less chances than the hot ones. The number 2 could be drawn in the middle of the combination.
  7. Multi-weave”. All kinds of multi-weave numbers have the equal chances of being drawn. But some numbersoresubject to certain drawing rules and their frequency in drawn combinations. The rule of “one of a kind” is also applicable.
  8. Remember to play logically. Play only if you feel that the odds of winning are better than the price you must pay.
  9. A free lottery software is a good way to analyze past winning combinations to get various trends and patterns. They analyzed the past winning combinations and identified the ones that have the highest probability of being drawn.
  10. There is no exact answer on how to win the pokerboya. But practicing the lottery betting and choosing the numbers that win is surely fun and rewarding. Playing the lottery is a game of chance but always remember to play smart.

There are many online software that provide lottery software that help in analyzing past drawn combinations and gives the probability comparison of numbers to be drawn in the next lottery drawing. You can also get these software to help you make your calculations faster and easier.